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Photo by John Theroux

Richie Dagger’s Crime (RDC) is the recording project of Richie Nelson, a singer/songwriter currently residing in Atlanta. Nelson’s work is often described as having a strong cinematic quality, and his lush pop arrangements feature a breadth of stylings, ranging from acoustic soul to psychedelic funk and ambient-R&B electronics. Nelson has shared the stage with local and touring acts such as U.S. Girls, Calvin Johnson, and Mark Hossler (Negativland), and was featured on tracks alongside native-activist Gyasi Ross, and Slug (Atmosphere) for the album Isskootsik

RDC began as a solo project in 2014 with a stream of production experiments and quirky demos. These early recordings found unexpected love from the platform "Free Music Archive" where the compilation has been downloaded over 12,000 times and featured in many home videos online across the world. 


Nelson shifted focus in 2015 to form a live ensemble to better represent the layered instrumental arrangements in his recordings. His band, while maintaining steady gigs in the PNW and West Coast, self-released a mixtape of covers titled 'Tenderness' in June 2017.  In October 2018, the band self-released their debut full-length 'Sea of Dysfunction' which has received play from a wide range of U.S. college radio stations and put on rotation at KEXP and was featured in the Seattle Times Critics Poll of 2018.

In 2020 Richie relocated to Atlanta, returning to the foundations of his craft, writing and recording solo while continuing to release a steady stream of singles.

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