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"I’ve been hooked on Nelson’s alluring weirdness; dude looks like the handsome captain of the chess club and presents like an artful, post-ironic provocateur..."

Jonathan Zwickel

City Arts

Early Demos
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Photo by Jordan Martinez

"It takes a lot to stand out as a sensitive singer-songwriter dude — especially after so many decades of homogenized versions of the type...Richie Nelson is up to the challenge. The dapper bandleader has toiled in Seattle’s indie-rock underground for ages, and last year released his debut album, Sea of Dysfunction, under the name Richie Dagger’s Crime. It’s a strange and surprising work of experimental soul-pop, with Nelson’s pliable vocals backed by horns, strings and evocative electronics reminiscent of Vampire Weekend or Bon Iver’s jauntier excursions. This is the new standard and we’re here for it."

Jonathan Zwickel



"...easily one of  the richest, most sonically ambitious listening experiences you’ll get from any Northwest band this year."

Tony Kay
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The post-witch-house/dub-tropi-step songs on Collection of Singles (CTPAK Records) cross genres faster than I can type hyphens: One song sounds like a more-psych-loving, less-huggably-beardo Grizzly Bear, another like a post-dubstep version of Radiohead's Kid A touchstone "Idioteque."

Brittany Fuller

The Stranger

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